27 May, 2015

#MTOS – Favourites Sunday, 31st May 2015 at 8:00 PM UK Time

It’s time for everyone’s favourite film chat, once again, like every other Sunday. #MTOS is a weekly film based chat wherein a new host, that’s me this time, takes a topic of his/her liking and comes up with 10 questions to discuss. They then tweet one question every 10 minutes starting at 8:00 PM UK time and participants discuss the same using the hashtag #MTOS.

#MTOS is a great way to not only discuss movies in a lighter, more fun, way, but also a wonderful opportunity to interact with and find out about other individuals from around the world who share the same passion for films as you and I do.

This week the topic for the chat is FAVUORTIES, but just to make things different I have stayed away from the usual “What is your favourite kind of movie?” type of questions, and instead what I have is this...

1. James Bond has done it many times and Harrison Ford did it when he was Fugitive; Tell us about your favourite JUMP in a film? #MTOS.

2. Almost everyone loves a spy thriller and intense dramatic pieces, but what makes these films all the more interesting are the characters that are not what they seem; Who is your favourite DOUBLE-CROSSER in a film? #MTOS

3. Any good action film is incomplete without this; Discuss your favourite CAR CHASE in a film that had you on the edge of your seat? #MTOS

4. I remember the film Wild Things using this gimmick brilliantly, but Marvel has made after-credit scenes as common as going to the loo in the morning; Tell us of your favourite AFTER-CREDIT scene in a movie? #MTOS

5. Fights are always fun to watch, but the realistic ones can leave you breathless; Which is your favourite REALISTIC FIGHT SEQUENCE in a film? #MTOS

6. As we’ve all grown older, so have many a stars with us; Name some favourite CHILD ACTORS that have transformed into excellent actors as adults? #MTOS  

7. We all have guilty pleasures when it comes to films, but today tell us; Your favourite BAD ACTOR that you love to see in films? #MTOS

8. Coming back to fights let’s punch realism in the face and throw it out the window so it lands on a car that drives away over the cliff. Yes, Tell us about the most OVER THE TOP ACTION SEQUENCE that is your favourite? #MTOS

9. Let’s talk a little about you now. Are you a loner or you prefer to have company while watching films; Who is your favourite companion when you want to watch a film at home or in a theatre? #MTOS

10.         We’ll try and make your dream come true now; Your favourite film character that you fantasize about role-playing (or maybe do role-play in real)? #MTOS

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